Stephanie Trevino, MBA, PHR, is the owner of Strength of Body and Mind, LLC (SBM), a professional consultancy dedicated to providing overall wellness in all aspects of life – personal, professional, and familial. At SBM, Stephanie combines her passion for helping others with her expertise to transform individuals and families into stronger, healthier, and more vibrant beings.

After competing in the Texas NPC for several years, Stephanie earned her IFBB pro card in 2016. Over the past four years, she has grown a team of more than 100 athletes, boasting six additional IFBB pros with many more in the making. Aside from professional bodybuilding, Stephanie provides tailored nutrition and wellness programs to hundreds of additional clients, ranging from CrossFit athletes and professional MMA fighters to first responders, teachers, moms and dads.

Her written health and wellness contributions have been published in local and national publications, online and in various podcasts. She is a successful fitness model with photography featured on every platform of print and online media.

Stephanie holds a Masters of Business Administration from Texas Woman’s University and is a certified trainer licensed through the HR Certification Institute. She is currently pursuing her PhD in Psychology and continues to grow her business and team in the world of health, wellness, sports and bodybuilding.  She is a certified CrossFit L1 Trainer, a Brazilian jiu jitsu blue belt, a nutritionist, and mental coach. To contact Stephanie, please email

I dare to dream. I have big dreams. Big plans. I believe things will happen before they do. Some people say my head is in the clouds. The view from up here is impeccable. You can have your doubts, your complaints, your sob stories. If I say I do, I'm going for it. No matter what, I'm going for it.